today I will do what others won't... so tomorrow I'll do what others can't.
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Long Island Junior Championships


Today our kids and our crews exemplified what rowing, and what GRR is all about...Fight! As we all know, nothing of value is ever 'given' to you in life, and our crews today reached down deep at the end of their races, found another gear to overtake and win. If you could not tell by my reactions today I am filled with pride and so happy for each and every achievement today!!!

For anyone that missed:
Womens JV 4x = Gold
Mens JV 4+ = Silver
Womens Novice 4+ = Bronze
Mens Lightweight 2x = Silver Mens Novice 4+ = Bronze Woens JV 2x = Bronze Stellar day! Treasure it, but do not rest. We begin on Tuesday to reach for the next level.